Perennial Flower Bulbs that Come Back Year After Year

There are flower bulbs which repeatedly bloom from new shoots after the year is over. Daffodils are an excellent example of a perennial bulb flower. Even the Netherlands’ gift to the world, Tulips, are perennial flowers. The only problem is that they don’t come back year after year unless given the right climate and soil. If your garden has a particular environment, they might bloom again and again. Otherwise, it would be wiser to replant them when the sowing season comes around. 

Tulips began to be planted in the West about half a millennium ago. They, therefore, require harsh Winters and Summers which bring the desert’s heat in tow. The Dutch know how to handle their Tulips very well. First, there are the sands on the shores. Then there is the water provision methodology which is very complicated. Horticulturists in the Netherlands have their Tulips undergo several changes in temperature and moisture. When the winter months come, these Tulips are ready to hibernate and emerge as brand new Tulips of a thousand and one colours when they do bloom the following year. First, you ought to choose Tulips which have received such a treatment beforehand. Ensure that seepage is plentiful in the soil where you plant these Tulip bulbs. Make sure the rhizomes of the bulbs reach a certain depth. Water them immediately after this process. After the Spring harvest, cut off the faded flowers left behind. Finally, feed them right in Spring and Autumn. 

Other flowers which are perennials besides the Daffodil or Tulip include the following:

•   The Crocus: Known by its bright purple aster-like flowers, the orange filaments inside this flower give it a beauty all its own. This flower has the tendency to spread like wildfire year after year given the right conditions. 

•   The Summer Snowflake: Don’t be fooled by the name, the Summer Snowflake, on the contrary, blossoms in Spring. The white bells which the flowers look like hang loosely from each stem. This bulb has a fragrance like hot chocolate though the odour is hard to discern for many. 

•   Siberian Squill: Its provenance is the south of Russia. The blue flowers are sharp in their electric hue. It is a tough flower which is suited to the harsh winter conditions. 

•   Grecian Windflower: It almost looks like the ordinary daisy flower. Just gazing at it is an experience in itself. While daisies are generally white, the Grecian Windflower maybe blue and pink as well in colour. 

It’s simple enough to see. Landscaping Newcastle advises that annual plants and flowers die in the Winter season. Yet perennials come back renewed with life and zest year after year. This is the beauty and magic of perennials. There are mainly Spring and Summer flower bulbs. It is good to know that many flower bulbs which are not naturally perennials, will become native to the area after a few years of intensive planting. Then they will bloom year after year, and the gardener can look at them with pride and satisfaction. 

Other flower bulbs which will return to your garden year after year are given below:

The Muscari: This flower is known by its intense blue rounded petals which hang from the stalks like purple grapes from some champagne-making district of France. They appeal to the senses and are a sight to behold. 

The Blue Giant: The open flowers have a bright blue hue. Their petals are extended backwards lending access to the greenish-yellow central filaments concentrated in a bunch-like protuberance. 

Gladiolus: This is another example of a perennial flowering plant. Its petals are bent backwards like the sound-piece of a trumpet. Also, Gladioli come in a number of colours ranging from yellow to red to purple. 

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